6 signs a business coach will bleed you dry

We have Social Media to thank for the ease of selective ads targeting, but with it becoming easier to target your audience, small businesses now have the joy of being slammed with ads promising you a “booked-out business and six-figure profits.”   Or as I like to call it, the rise of the online “Business Coach.”

Facebook and even LinkedIn have become a virtual marketplace for coaches, mentors and pre-programmed online coaching packages.  Their websites are appealing, there are various levels of pricing, great testimonials and fancy corporate headshots.  But, once you take away the smoke and mirrors, you really need to look at who they are and what do they do?



They haven’t actually owned a business

Unfortunately, the term business coach can be used by anyone.  Including people who have never even owned a business outside of their coaching practice.  This screams inexperience, however, these facts are usually hidden within the depths of their websites or LinkedIn profiles.  Or if they have previously owned a business, they won’t offer details about its fate.


The packages on offer are generic

When it comes to coaching, you need to be just that, coached.  Watching generic webinars is not going to do this.  You need one-on-one time.  I would even go as far as saying that you need one-on-one time to decide if they are even the right coach for you.  A six or twelve week, online business coaching course, will rarely bring you a six-figure profit.


A complete review of your business isn’t completed

How can you expect business growth when there is no review of your current practises.  A coach should be digging very deeply into your business, to find not only opportunities but areas that need attention.  Planning to move forward can then take place.  Otherwise, it’s the blind leading the blind.


They don’t alter their practises to suit

Something that works for one business, may not work for another.   Aspects such as structures, customer types, marketing strategies and legal requirements change from businesses to business.  These types of changes need to be encompassed within the coach’s plan for your business.  It cannot be a one size fits all approach and past success is not an indicator of future success.


There is no personal observation

How can someone be coached without first being observed?  You play a sport, the coach watches from the sidelines and then usually asks you for feedback on your personal performance.  They will then offer their feedback and teachings.  This is a big part of the online coaching industry that is overlooked.


They have no regard for what level your business is at

It may not be the right time for you to be thinking about hiring a business coach.  You could, in fact, need sales training or a great marketing strategy.  Your business coach should be asking you questions to determine what it is you actually NEED.  Not just selling you their services and promising the best.



Don’t let the fancy marketing talk convince you that an online business coach is your way forward.  There is a wealth of free resources online, use them.  Create your own path.

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Lauren E

After seven years of working in various marketing & management positions in the creative hub of Sydney, I left the city for a tree change. My husband and I now live in a small country town in NSW with our 12-month-old baby girl, Lola. I continue to work in the industry, focusing on my passion for helping small businesses to refine their marketing practices and tell their brand story.

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