lauren smith


I've always had a passion for helping other small businesses and now I get to do it everyday!

After seven years of working in various marketing & management positions in the creative hub of Sydney, I left the city for a tree change.  My husband and I now live in a small country town in NSW with our 10 month old baby girl, Lola.  

I continued to work with many of my previous colleagues remotely and noticed a common frustration.   They were all having issues with finding the right staff or contractors to cover a wide range of required skills, on a project to project basis.  I filled this gap, both personally and with the help of some extremely talented creatives who are the best in their fields.

Since then, we have grown to offer a full range of services from social media management to content creation and systems evaluation.  You can view more information on our services, here.

If you would like to chat about what we can do to help you, I would love for you to book a discovery call with me!


We can jump on Skype or Zoom and go over all of our packages and services with you personally.  Plus answer all of your questions.

[email protected] | 0478 117 143