MY STORY Lauren Eccleston | Founder

After several years of working in various marketing & management positions in the creative hub of Sydney, I left the city for a tree change.  My husband & I now live in a small country town in NSW with our daughter, Lola. 

I continued to work with many of my previous colleagues remotely and noticed a common frustration.  They were all having issues with finding the right staff or contractors to cover a wide range of required skills, on a project to project basis.  I filled this gap, both personally and with the help of some extremely talented creatives who are the best in their fields.

Since then, we have grown to offer a full range of services from Google AdWords & Facebook Ads through to complete Marketing Management & Strategy.

I've always had businesses, even whilst working in Marketing Agency-land & now I get to combine my passion for business with my passion for marketing.  Creating a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs.


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