About Us

Lauren's Story

"I'm now bringing eccollective further inline with my passions of digital marketing and eductation by offering not only ad management packages but also training and workshops for SME's. It's an absolute joy to be on this journey!" - Lauren Eccleston | Founder

After working in various Marketing, Brand Activations and Management positions in Sydney, Lauren and her husband Brett moved to a town called Gundagai in Country NSW.  Yep, The Dog on the Tuckerbox, we know you've heard of him!  After having their daughter, Lauren struggled with missing out on her love for working with brands at an agency level, so she decided to start eccollective!

eccollective started off as 'One Woman Show' and Lauren was working across a wide range of marketing activites for businesses nationwide, however, her passion for educating her clients and showing them real results via digital ads, has seen the business evolve into what it is today.

We now work with small & medium business on their complete digital marketing management and Lauren is slowly ramping up the workshop and online course side of the business.

We'll admit that we are complete data geeks and know that our clients need to SEE the results of their digital marketing activities first hand.  This is why we have found ad specialists who have case studies that will shock you and creative digital marketers who can really bring your perfect customer onboard!